Sifu David Sidell holds a second degree black belt in HapKido Blend under Master Fariborz Azhakh, a brown belt in Isshinryu Karate under Shihan Jim Apelian, a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu JItsu under Jean Jacques Machado and a purple belt under Todd Nathanson. He has trained in kickboxing with such champions as Benny Urquidez and Peter Cunningham. David has studied many arts throughout his martial arts journey and brings his vast knowledge to the mats at The Way of No Way. In addition to being a skilled martial artist, David has worked in the motion picture industry, for companies such as Dreamworks SKG and Steven Speilberg's Amblin Entertainment, and as an assistant to Academy Award winning producer Branko Lustig. He was nominated for a Clio Award for directing a public service announcement for the homeless that was used on air by Comic Relief. David is also the owner of SilkSkin, Inc., established in 1985, and is a husband and father of two. He also coaches kids in baseball, softball, soccer, roller hockey, golf and tennis.