Sifu Richard Padilla began his martial arts training literally in Sifu Reza's backyard in 2009. The two were coworkers in a very stressful job and Sifu Reza introduced Richard to the martial arts to relieve stress. Richard has since become devoted martial arts for their ability to detach his mind from everything. He loves The Way of No Way- the concept of adapting to different styles, and encourages new martial artists by emphasizing the appreciation of the art and the difficulty of learning new techniques, rather than becoming frustrated. Richard has trained under Sifu Saeed, Sifu Todd, Sifu Reza, Guro Corrado and Guro Dan Inosanto. He is one of Sifu Reza's first pupils to reach a Level 5, the highest level to attain under The Way of No Way, and instructs Transition, Kids Freestyle, Teen Freestyle and Mixed Martial Arts classes.