Sina Faal has been training martial arts for over a decade. He is one of the first people to achieve the highest level given by Sifu/Guro Reza Moazezi, Level 5, in The Way of No Way. His fluid movements and agility have earned him the nickname “Spider Sina” among fellow students. Sina has earned the title of Full Instructor and competes on the Fight Team, representing The Way of No Way in local bouts and regional Savate and Muay Thai competitions. His dedication and love for the arts started at a very young age, where he first started training under Sifu/Guro Reza Moazezi and Sifu Saeed Badiei in traditional martial arts. Sina later went on to receive his second degree black belt in Hapkido Blend.  Today Sina continuously searches for knowledge, training in various arts under various instructors. He has also been a student under Guro Dan Inosanto. Sina also attends college, working toward a degree in physical therapy.  This “perfect son,” as his mother describes him, is an amazing young martial artist with the potential to be world class.